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Rubbermaid Wet Floor Signs

If you are looking for wet floor signs, you can never go wrong with the Rubbermaid brand. Rubbermaid is one of the most trusted brands in the industry as it is one of the largest manufacturers of wet floor signs. The company produces several different models, but we have listed below three of its most popular models.

Rubbermaid’s basic model (#RCP611277YW) is one of the best selling wet floor signs in the entire industry. It’s durable, economical, and easy to use.


Wet Floor Cones

It has a simple two sided A-frame design with yellow background and bold black lettering. The word CAUTION reads along the top border of each side. The words WET FLOOR reads along the bottom border. In the center is the standard triangle slip hazard icon with stick man slipping. It stands twenty five inches tall and can be read as far as thirty feet away, giving passersby plenty of space to avoid any given slip hazard. When not in use, the unit can fold flat for easy storage in janitorial supply rooms, carts, and vehicles. A built in handle makes it very easy to carry and transport the sign. Made from high density polyethylene, this sign will last several years of heavy usage before it needs to be replaced. The general price range for this sign is $10 – $20 per unit.

Another popular model made available by Rubbermaid is not a sign but rather its Commercial Four Sided Wet Floor Safety Cone (model RCP627777).


Rubbermaid Wet Floor Signs

This has a couple of advantages over traditional wet floor signs. For example, while a sign can typically be only read from two angles, this cone can be read from virtually any angle, since the warning labels are imprinted on all four sides. Furthermore, people simply respond better to cones as a warning because we commonly associate cones on the ground as barriers of some sort. Third, you can place this model into narrow corridors where a traditional sign won’t be able to fit. This model stands 25 5/8” tall and has base dimensions of 10.5” W x 10.5” D. It has a high visibility yellow background with black and red lettering. The top of each side displays a red triangle with exclamation symbol inside. Bilingual, it displays the English word CAUTION and Spanish word CUIDADO in red underneath the triangle. In bold black lettering, the sign reads WET FLOOR and PISO MOJADO at the bottom of each side. These high visibility features allow the cone to be read from 40 feet away. Not to mention that since its a cone, passersby will naturally see it as some sort of indication to stay away even at 100+ feet away. Storing and transporting this model is very easy even if you own several units because they are stackable. The Rubbermaid Commercial Four Sided Wet Floor Safety Cone will typically sell for $20 – $25 per unit.

You will particularly find helpful and convenient Rubbermaid’s Over-The-Spill pads. These are the perfect solution to spills that need to be cleaned up quickly and on short notice when there isn’t a custodial associate with a wet floor sign nearby.


Rubbermaid Wet Floor Signs

These pads are made with a meltblown polypropylene so they are super absorbent and very durable. Plus they double up as a mini wet floor sign of some sort because they are bright yellow and have the words CAUTION and CUIDADO imprinted onto them. Also imprinted is the universal caution symbol so it makes it as easy as possible for passersby to understand the warning. These pads are sold in tablets of twenty pads, with each tablet costing around $25.

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